Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gopher Day

Happy New Year! I want to be kind, but am at a slight loss on showing gopher love. Until a few days ago I'd never seen one. Encountered plenty of holes, but still had this cute version of 'Caddy Shack' in mind. My son did declare ' Mum, you do realize that was a puppet, right?' Of course I did, but still...! Anyway, this has got to be the boldest critter attitude I've ever come across. Yesterday, he worked his way through eighteen holes in two hours. Mounds and mounds all the way from the front yard all the way through the back. Today he comes back up through them pulling greens down through them. He would come within three feet, stare right at me and only retreat when he heard the camera. I don't know which one of us is worse, me with the camera out for hours, or him with his holes.

i'd never seen one

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